I am a lover, a leader, a man of skill and intelligence, a man of power and presence, a man of integrity and wisdom. I am an attractive man, both internally and externally.

I am well groomed, I have clear skin, my personal hygiene is impeccable: my nails are always trimmed, my hair is clean and just the right length, I have a welcoming smile which I share with those around me. My fragrance complements my natural scent. My clothes are in style. I wear clothing that is conservatively flamboyant with a touch of elegance. My shoes are clean and polished, always complimenting my outfit. I take pride in myself and my look reflects this fact.

My body language emanates relaxed dominance. I stand tall, chin high, looking above the horizon. My shoulders are relaxed and my chest is raised. My hands are comfortably at my sides, outside of the pockets. Socializing, I lean back with my palms up and my body is open, giving value and exuding confidence. When people call for my attention, I turn my head and body calmly and slowly. My actions and movements are fluid and certain. My attention is focused on what I am committed to this very moment.

My voice is low, sexy, calming and inviting. It is very attractive to girls. I speak slowly and surely. I enunciate every single word and I leave plenty of mysterious pauses. I speak from my diaphragm. My voice radiates warmth and excitement, while at the same time conveying confidence and a sense of mystery. My sincerity and love for others make my company addicting. When I speak softly, people lean in to hear what it is I’m saying. Although I love talking, I love to listen as well. When others are talking, I’m actively listening and taking in every word that they are saying.

I keep eye contact with people I’m meeting or talking to. I look people directly in the eye. I’m always the last one to break eye contact. I exude sexiness and virility with my gaze that is irresistible to girls and overwhelming to guys. When I look into a girl’s eyes, I communicate to her that I am capable of giving her best sex of her life and that makes her extraordinarily aroused. I ooze sexual prowess. Women can’t resist but be excited and to come near me. Other than my presence, consciousness and intelligence, I am a sexual animal, and women know and love that.

I am meeting intelligent, feminine, sexy women with ease and I create lasting and genuine connections with them. When I see a woman I like, I approach, talk, touch and escalate the interaction to sensual without hesitation. I go for what I desire with unrelenting courage. Girls helplessly succumb to my masculine energy and can’t get enough of me because I engage them in every single way: mentally, physically, and spiritually. I make a girl feel good, understood and loved. When I meet women I hug them. As I talk with women I gently but strongly touch them. I pick girls up and throw them around as they scream in great excitement and joy. My mood and actions are unaffected by girls of extreme beauty and their sexual power invigorates and brings me in to present.

I’m one hundred percent focused on the present. My focus allows me to tap into the creative potential of my mind and the intelligence that I possess. I live in a state of non-resistance to what is. My acceptance of the situation allows me to change it if I need to. Because of this I feel a deep sense of peace and in complete control of myself. By staying in the moment, I am immune to others’ challenges. If thoughts and strong emotions arise, I can accept them and convert them to help me do what it is I want to do. I react only by choice. My mind is clear, and I am free.

My personality is deep, positive, charismatic, playful, and at the same time powerful, charming, and mysterious. I project a fun and playful vibe. My humor draws others into my positivistic world. I dramatize everything I do into the most interesting thing in the world. I enjoy socializing and connecting with new friends and old. I easily make new friends, business connections, meet and seduce women. My time is valuable and I spend it with people who I can learn from, and people who make me better. I automatically repel all negativity; unpleasant circumstances disappear in a blink.

I am dating a happy, healthy, educated and successful young woman and we share an amazing physical and emotional connection. She is well rounded, sexy, stylish and positively upbeat. She adores skirts and loves trying new cuisines, dancing and dressing up. She looks beautiful without jewelry and makeup; she takes care of herself. A free spirit, she is a nerd at heart. She is musical, creative, easily excited and friendly. We spend days learning more about the world and our nights are filled with passion and excitement. She has her own friends and hobbies and we are building an amazing future together.

I push myself to take risks. I am persistent, I finish everything I start. This is reflected in my accomplishments at work and in business. I see new opportunities everywhere I look and I pursue them with dogged determination. I am decisive and resolute with every choice presented. My co-workers are my friends, and they provide the support and challenge to help me grow and achieve my full potential. I make my achievements look easy, as I am humble and nonchalant about it. At work, I am doing exactly what I love. I am a great leader. I make the people around me feel important and appreciated. I am an innovator, I always think of new ideas that are successful. I am competent at managing my time. I do what I say and what I set out to do. Others want my respect, others look for my guidance.

I follow my dreams and my own road. I am a go getter. I walk the talk. I’m always leading the interaction. I act, others react. I’m the one in charge. I call the shots and make the calls. I deserve the best that this world has to offer. I am a super attractive man, and every single action of mine shows this fact. I am the alpha male.